Binding an orchestration to multiple receive ports

In the BizTalk Server Management Console, it’s only possible to bind 1 physical Receive Port to 1 logical (Orchestration-)Receive Port.
To bind multiple receive ports to an orchestration, you could follow these steps:

1) Create receive ports with unique and approviate names in the correct biztalk application.

2) Create a new one way port in your orchestration, which can receive messages. As port binding please use “direct”. In this example please make sure, that “Routing between ports will be defined by filter expressions on incoming messages in the Messagebox database” is selected.

3) Create or select your activating Receive Shape and configure the “Filter Expression” by clicking the ellipsis. In the Filter Expression add as many “BTS.ReceivePortName”-properties as Receive Ports you have created eralier. Set the values of the properties to the portnames of the Receive Ports and group each row by “OR”.
The Filter Expression should resemble something like this: (BTS.ReceivePortName == “ReceiveMsgPort1”) (BTS.ReceivePortName == “ReceiveMsgPort2”)

All the messages which originate from the filtered ports will be processed by the Orchestration